If you think that Huawei may have patched their leaking resources after the devices showed up at its Dutch Website and at the Italian Amazon? You have to reconsider your thinking because Norway and Belgium are the countries where P30 and P30 pro images and specs have been leaked. These resources have confirmed these leaked specs from the past week.

leakstech p30 pro

We are not surprised by the leaks like Kirin 980 and OLED panels, though prices are new on the table. The Huawei P30 Price confirmed at NOK6,990 or about €720. The Price tag NOK8.990 (€933) is upon the Huawei P30 Pro with 128 GB storage and the device with 256 GB storage has price tag NOK9,990 i.e. €1,037. Though The Huawei Watch GT is not clearly mentioned, it seems it is coming as a gift for pre-orders. When the pre-order campaign will be over, the prices will go down.

The above set of pictures are gathered from Google Images. Though Huawei Belgium has taken down the page but the images are still traceable through some keywords. Though, they have not unveiled anything new – they did this because they wanted to prevent that Huawei will not contain its huge amount of employees and partners all over the world from unveiling the phone several days before the official launch.