The rumors have been pouring about the wireless earbuds of Apple, that they will be equipped with more durable coating and black color option. However, those features did not appear in second gen AirPods, we are hoping that the upcoming Powerbeats Pro will be graced with these features.

As the arrival of new AirPods have been announced, the leaks are that official design of the new wireless Beats and their charging case are concealed in the brand new iOS 12.2. Similar to the AirPods, the new model possess a charging case with a Lightning connector on the back. We can expect a long battery life by looking at the large size of the PowerBeats. They may also offer some form of water proofing.

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The price details are not yet known, but knowing the $200/€175 retail price of AirPods with wireless charging case, we can expect high price and leaks are that it will release any time in April