A concept video of an iPhone foldable smartphone has surfaced online by a designer Antonio De Rosa. The phone is called iPhone X Fold in the clip. The smartphone possess many features similar to Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X elements but presence of a square triple camera setup and advanced triangular packaging is exclusive.

leakstech iphone fold

The most discussed iPhone foldable is not going to hit market any time soon, but we all know how the Cupertino Company likes to hash out late with a product that has been equipped with some best parts of rival companies with some modifications. Meanwhile, the Apple designer Antonio De Rosa gave some hints about what might actually be delivered by Apple.

The concept video revealed the charming look of Apple iPhone X Fold with its bezel-less display and book-like mechanism for folding and unfolding. Other specs are the rear sports with triple camera setup in a square housing that people doubt that will appear in the actual foldable iPhone present perfectly in place. The phone does not have any crease as expected by Samsung Galaxy fold display.

Other noticeable feature of the video was the triangular packaging, which seems very appealing. The smarphone in built with in-screen ultrasonic TouchID, 6.6-inch cover display, 8.3-inch unfolded display (both Super Retina), unbelievable screen-to-body ratios of 93.6% (cover) and 96.6% (main), and six cameras as well. The suggested price is leaked to be US$1,999, which is likely to be coming in 2020.

We will update as soon as new features will be discovered.