It will be the first time that Apple is bringing OLED (Organic light emitting diode) display panel in its reported four models of next generation iPhone 12 range. These will be ranged in three sizes: an iPhone 12 Pro 6.1-inch model and a Pro 6.7-inch model, an iPhone 12 non-Pro 6.1-inch model and a non-Pro 5.4-inch model. According to XDA’s @mweinbach, and @EveryApplePro, the main difference between the pro and non-pro models will be remarkable refresh rate.

Over the past one and half a year, high display refresh rate is something that has become a distinctive feature of flagship android phones and Apple is finally catching on in this competition with the upcoming iPhone 12 mobile phones. Contrary to the fact that it was Apple who started it by introducing 120Hz display refresh rate to the LCD-based iPad Pro series in 2017. However in 2017 Apple also introduced iPhone X, its first smartphone with OLED panel and OLED panels with high display refresh rates did not had big market back in those days. But things are different now as we all know.

Another leak of upcoming iPhone 12 is that to power high display refresh rates, iPhone 12 will come with larger battery capacity of around 4400 mAH with the feature of variable display refresh rates to minimize the usage of battery like in iPad Pro. Furthermore, Apple might have a plan of introducing black out lens filter to give it a look of LiDAR scanner with unaffected camera performance. Apple’s engineers are also working on improving the Night Mode and slow-motion video capture in the dark, to further improve the low light photography.