Xiaomi has shared a new short promotional video of its upcoming foldable smartphone. The device still looks fantastic and is distinctly different from the foldable devices produced by Samsung and Huawei thanks to its unique folding mechanism. But the simple clip does raise a couple of concerns about the Chinese manufacturer’s creation.

by Daniel R Deakin

The new smartphone Xiaomi foldable aka “Mi Fold” has been unveiled in the new short promo video. The clip is not about any astonishing leak, it simply showed that a user is rejoicing a bowl of noodles and flaunting the device. It has been shown that some scrolling is going in tablet and user is “back” swiping to come at the home screen and then smartphone becomes folded in its eye-loving manner.

The video showed the Xiaomi foldable in a very attracting way: two sides the right and the left one’s get folded backward and inward very swiftly and smoothly. Xiaomi has a mechanism of protecting the screen which makes it durable. When the smartphone is folded, the edges have an exterior display, which glimpses that it can be scratched or scuffed. The video gives a glance which shows that those smooth-folding edges have a crease like a recent video of the Galaxy Fold unveiled. Though, Samsung’s Foldable only has one crease unlike the Xiaomi’s foldable which has two. The Xiaomi’s price is certainly in a sense when we compare it to the Samsung and Huawei smartphone. An approximation of US$999 has been offered for the Xiaomi’s foldable, which is clearly less costly than the Galaxy Fold and Mate X.