What a common user sees in mobile is its camera quality and for this reason every upcoming smartphone is expected to have extra efficiency of mobile cameras. With the emergence of 48MP mobile camera sensors and products like Nokia 9 PureView, in mobile industry, the camera quality is getting better and better.

Qualcomm however, took a huge step forward with its meticulous ISP specs sheets. The company somehow managed to keep it a secret; it first came into notice by some folks over at XDA Developers, which honestly bodes well. The specs sheet mentions that the Qualcomm chipsets can support up to 192 MP in single camera. Professionals working with ventures like ports of the Google Camera app and tech on non-Pixel gadgets are profoundly interested in ISP specs and we can just envision this is a much needed development.

“Qualcomm chipsets can support around 192MP cameras”

The ISP specs sheet separately covered single and dual camera features and also enlists slow-motion recording limits, Hybrid Autofocus and Qualcomm chip which can support 192MP single camera. The Snapdragon 855, 845, 710, 675 and 670 chips are also being questioned.

Experts say that this camera limit is only theoretical for a single camera to handle. With 192MP snapper no other camera can be joined, excluding the chance of a front camera to engage. Also ISP have to delete some other features to accommodate such high resolution camera, including multi-frame noise reduction (MFNR) and Shutter lag if you know what that means.

“Qualcomm takes a huge step forward in terms of camera quality”

Nevertheless, our main concern is to encourage the efforts of Qualcomm for taking the high road and sharing technical details of their chips, which will definitely make a difference in developing mobile industry.