MWC 2019 OnePlus has unveiled the prototype of the very first 5G phone. A mmWave Connection has been established at the 5G base station to which device has been connected. Moreover, there is a 5G variant which emphasizes on high data throughput at the cost of range. In the past couple of days, the company confirmed by means of Finnish carrier that the device is expected to launch in mid of 2019.

Apart from demonstrating what actually was showing on the device’s screen, OnePlus hasn’t shared many details concerning the handset. The only thing which has been shared is that the device would be entirely new comparatively to the new upgrade to an existing version of the phone. Nevertheless, it has been said by the company that the device’s speed would be 500 Mbps this time. Meanwhile, the demonstration content i.e. a 60fps High Dimensional stream would be of 15 Mbps. It seems that the device’s screen has no notch, which could be hidden for the motive of its demonstration.

Formerly, The OnePlus has committed that the phone will be furnished with a Snapdragon 855 processor, Moreover, its Chief Executive has been said that its cost would be around 200 Dollars to the 300 Dollars more than the equivalents of 4G.

The content which has been shown on the 5G device was a live stream of Ace Combat 7 given by Shadow, which is a cross-platform cloud gaming service. Despite the fact that using the phone’s touch, we weren’t able to play a game on it. Additionally, The Xbox One Controller has been given by OnePlus which could be connected with a phone by means of Bluetooth. The game was streamed from the cloud, from a server which has been situated in Amsterdam.

Though Spain’s 5G network is not available yet, the major part of the 5G’s connection is restricted to a small mmWave base station which has been installed upon the Qualcomm Booth. The traffic travels from a mmWave base station to more traditional network to the cloud-based server.

It can be seen that there is a number of factors which exert influence on the speed of the connection. Either it is the Xbox Controller’s Bluetooth or the phone’s communication is established by means of a remote server over the network, The game itself feels laggy. Nonetheless, It has been noted that there is a number of variables at the play that when another person tried the demo later on the show, he said that he did not feel any lagging at all.

Nevertheless, when we tried the demo, we felt lagging. Whenever we pressed an analog stick, the plane used to responds pretty latter in a couple of seconds. Playing a PC game on a cellphone was trailblazing, but the demo stopped abruptly of showing how 5G could make it expedient.

At last, the demo raised many obstacles regarding the realities of the early 5G deployments. Without the help of telcos, there will be numbers of gridlocks in the network that will restrict its potential velocity. Though the features like Shadow was previously made for 4G networks, the company do not want it to rely too much on requiring the kinds of speeds that 5G is apt of. We still think that one day 70 Mbps connection needing for a 4K game streams would be possible, though it is not possible in the present era.